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I have heard people say that God is punishing you with that sickness, or he must be trying to tell you something, or God is teaching you something with that sickness. That is Satan speaking and anyone that says that is a liar. No where do we find in the Holy Bible that God gives diseases to teach you something or tell you something.


All sickness, illness, diseases, and disorders come from the bottomless pits of hell and are crafted by Satan to kill you. It does not come from God for it is not the will of God for anyone to be sick. We must begin to understand God’s will through revelation and knowledge of Jesus Christ that can only be found in the word of God.


In this book I reveal some power revelations and truths that can only come from hearing the word of God. I want you to know there is hope in Jesus Christ and when you choose him you will begin to live life more abundantly. 

It Is God's Will for you to be HEALED!