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All sickness, illness, diseases and disorders come from the devil and does not come from God. God sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and receive the punishment for our sins, that by his blood and strips we are healed.


This means Jesus took all illness, sickness, diseases and disorders in his body so that through him we have life more abundantly. The world wants you to believe that sickness has more power than Jesus. God wants you to believe that he has more power than any form of sickness and Jesus conqueored it on the cross. 


As I preach the word of God to you and reveal to you God's will which is his word, the power of God will be released and by faith you will be healed. No disease including cancer has more power than God. If you believe you are sick you will be sick, but if you believe you are healed because God said you are than you will be healed.


Come in agreement with God's word for your life and come out of agreement with the medical report that promises death. Through Christ Jesus you have life, and you will have it more abundantly. I declare and decree you shall live and not die and declare the goodness of the Lord in Jesus name!


It is God's Will for you to be Healed!

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