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We are Kingdom Ambassadors for Jesus Christ born for such a time as this to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations. The good news sets the captives free; the blind now sees, and many are saved, delivered and set free from the power of darkness through fire of the Holy Spirit. We preach faith, we stay in the word and lay hands on those who are sick. We believe in the entire word of God including the New Testament for the word of God is God according to John 1:1.


We are born and raised in Dallas, Texas with a total of four boys. We are passionate servants for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Desiree is the author of two books My Jesus Diary and My Faith is Stronger Than My Fears. We are owners of multiple businesses and Hope for the Helpless Outreach Ministries. We are blessed and honored to do the work of the Lord. 

Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Tory and Desiree 2022.jpg
Tory & Desiree Terrell

Prophetic & Teaching Priest Ministers of the Gospel

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