Hope For the Helpless Outreach Ministries

We focus on meeting the needs of the people and giving back. We look for volunteer opportunities to service those who are in need. We are about spreading the love of Jesus to others that brings healing and deliverance. We also, spread the good news about Jesus the importance of repentance and salvation.  

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Feeding the Homeless

On a monthly basis we will begin serving the homeless either at the shelters or those who are on the streets with food, supplies, and financially as lead by the Holy Spirit. 


Meeting the needs of Believers

On a monthly basis we will meet the needs of believers as lead by the Holy Spirit. In the kingdom of God we are lenders and not borrowers. We are givers and not horter's as it is better to give than to receive.


Volunteer Opportunities

On a monthly basis we will volunteer at shelters, homeless centers, women abuse centers or wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. Members are able to sign up and volunteer and join us while we spread the love of Jesus.



We will take donations as they will be used to provide supplies, food, materials and financial seeds to the homeless and those in need.

Let's Work Together

If you would like to partner with us or join us as we service, the people of God you can email us for additional information. Or you can register to volunteer as opportunities are posted in the events section on a monthly basis.

To sign-up, please visit our partnership memberships page.