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Prophetic Word

A prophetic word and teaching from the Lord is released

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Facebook Live

Service Description

Join us every Tuesday to receive a word and teaching from the Lord that will edify, up-lift, encourage and give you revelation about the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is a very prophetic time in Bible prophesy where God has poured out his spirt among all flesh Acts 2:17 for he desires no one to perish. We are living in the Book of Revelation and the church of Jesus Christ must move like the Book of Acts. Every week we receive a teaching and word from the Lord that is designed to increase our faith, trust in the Lord to be discipled, washed and cleansed by the blood and renewed to the word of God. These teachings are powerful as it is direct revelations from God that we are to release to the people. We encourage everyone to pray and ask God for his wisdom and direction when following any ministry. It is important for your soul and growth in the Lord to be under a covering that is anointed by the Holy Spirit so that you can grow. Your growth in the Lord will release increase from God so that you will be anointed and appointed to your assignment in the Kingdom of God. Currently, our services are held live on Facebook as it is a way to reach millions of people as we spread the gospel about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Join us bring your bible, pen and paper and be ready to receive a touch and word from the Lord. Stay connected to this ministry so that you can grow and receive the impartation of the anointing on our ministry to be positioned into your kingdom assignment. Our ministry is anointed for healing, prosperity, deliverance and discipleship. Follow us on Facebook, IG, YouTube and Twitter to stay connected