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In this section you will find upcoming announcements about bible study, fellowship, outreach and volunteer events. Please see our service schedule for the dates, times and how to register for events.

Bible Study Class

Starting June 3, 2021 we will be starting our first bible series on spiritual growth and increase. We will go deeper in the Lord to obtain biblical knowledge and apply it to your lives. Only when the word of God is rooted in us is when we will begin to bare fruit in every season Palms 1:1-3 NIV.

Image by Anna Earl

Volunteer Events

Starting in June we will post volunteer events through our outreach ministry. Anyone is able to sign-up and join us as we meet the needs of others.


Walking With Jesus Event

Starting in June we will begin our walking with Jesus event. This is where we join together for a believer's walk. This helps us to stay healthy and in shape while sharing our love for Jesus.

Pedestrian Path
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