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This book is written from two different perspectives, the world’s point of view and according to the word of God. To discover the truth, we must first look at both viewpoints to identify the lies and be renewed to the truth (the word of God).


I am exposing the hidden agenda behind poverty and revealing through prophetic revelation God’s will. Some people believe that God wants them to be poor and that being poor is some form of holiness. That belief is false and is a lie that does not align with God’s word. There is no scripture that says God wants anyone to be poor.


This book will renew your mind to God's truth and expose and destory the poverty mindset that has plaqued some people for too long. You will come out empowered, delivered and set free from the agenda of Satan and receive God's will for you life. 


"You have to trust in God alone and come in alignment with the word of God so the will of God can be in operation in your life". 

The Root to Poverty Exposing the hidden agenda.

  • International customers can purchase the book at Barnes & Nobles online or in stores. You can ask the store you would like to place a book order, give them my full name and they will ask which book you would like to order. 

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