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My Jesus Diary is a book that is designed for you to spend 30 days in the presense of the Lord meditating in the word of God. Within these 30 days you are consecrating youself to him and he will do amazing things in your life according to Joshua 3:5. This is a time to seek the Lord while he can be found.


This is a time for you come into deeper relationship with the Lord as he reveals himself to you at a new level. Each day you will encounter the Lord and begin to write what he has revealed to you about himself. To be committed to someone you must know them. When reading this book you will know his ways, his heart and his thoughts toward you and it will draw you closer to him. 


After you finish your 30 days expect to begin to see amazing things happening in your life. When they happen not if they happen but WHEN they happen email us your testimony and praise report so we can share all the Lord has done. 

My Jesus Diary

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