The First Born Son

One April 29, 2014 a young king was born

My due date was in May but my blood pressure was extremely high so my doctor did a C-section. My son was healthy 8 pounds as I had gained a lot of weight carrying him. My body did not like being pregnant. I was extremely sick with morning sickness for the first 7 months of my pregnancy. I would throw up all the time and could not keep anything down. I had to have pregnancy nurses come to my house and give me IV fluids every three days. I could not keep anything down so I had to wear this pump where I could inject myself with medicine to keep me from throwing up. I also use to carry a spit cup everywhere I went because I always had to spit when I was not throwing up.

I can remember one time his father and I was at Burlington looking for him a suit for something I can't remember for what. And I had my spit cup with me, I sat it down on top of this rack that had men pants suits around it. Some how the cup fell and spit fell all over the pants suits I know EWWW!!! I felt so bad we had to leave the scene immediately. That pregnancy was not fun at all. Everyone at work was tired of me and that spit cup but I did not care I had to do what gave me temporary relief. I only had freedom from throwing up when I turned 8 months and I ate everything I could think of.

My the time I turned 9 months I begin to have acid reflux bad and that was miserable. I remember one night I begin to choke on the acid was it was coming up and I could not breathe. I got up to walk in the other room with my sons father while telling myself not to panic until it passed. Anytime you are in a situation to where you cannot breathe never panic because that will make it worse.

When it was time to deliver my son they had gave me so much medicine that I was afraid if I closed my eyes I would never wake up again. So I fought hard to stay up so I could see my son being and hear him cry to know he was okay. Now once I got in the room I was out of there. My sons father said with the baby and was there the entire time. Even until this day he is still active in his life although we are no longer together.

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