I Am Determined

2016 the journey of treatment and FMLA

I had been working at my job since 2011 so I had health insurance benefits and hours that gave me access to FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). For those who may not be familiar with this act it is a government law that protects employees from being fired due to the care of a family member. It gives you job protection, but it does not protect or give you income. You only receive income when you are on short- or long-term disability and it is for yourself and not a family member.

To get paid while on FMLA you would have to have personal time off hours that would cover you from the days or times you needed to miss work. At the time I had poor stewardship and did not know how to properly management my hours. Although we got a generous amount of PTO in the beginning of the year it would last me until about July. Therefore, I had no PTO hours to use which meant the FMLA would not be paid just job protected. Not being paid meant my paycheck would be short. A short paycheck can cause bills being paid late or fall into being behind.

Due to my son's treatment plan being a daily thing I was able to apply for FMLA Intermittent leave which basically allows the employee to miss a certain number of hours, days or time within a 12-month period. There are no restrictions, and it is based on what the doctor recommends the time needed away from work to care for your family member.

Due to my work schedule was 8:00 to 5:00 Monday thru Friday and my son's schedule was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00 to 5:30 pm and Thursday and Friday's from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm. I had to make a choice on what was more important to me losing money or making sure my son received the treatment he needed. I choose to sacrifice my job, and income to ensure my son got the treatment he needed.

Things definitely got complicated and was hard many days. But I was so determined and focused on my son getting the help he need so that he could start talking, he could walk up the stairs on his own, so that he would grow and develop that I did not see anything but that. I was and still is his advocate, I put my own needs aside, my own wants, desires and even self-care aside for my son.

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