I Need Answers: What is Wrong with my son?

Shawn was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2016. I will share what I experienced in his behaviors that caused me to get his evaluation

August 2016

When my son was one years old he would make this loud humming sound that lasted for about 4 hours through out the day. He was almost non-verbal and would have fits of anger and crying. He would through toys or anything that was close to him when he got angry. Also, he did not know how to walk up the stairs or lift up his arms when his father and I would reach out to him.

Being that this is my first child and although he is his father's fourth child we did what any normal parent would do. Whatever he did not know how to do we would do it for him. We would carry him up the stairs. He did know how to walk but he did not know how to pick up his feet and go up the stairs.

My son also would stuff his mouth when eating and would choke at times. He did learn to feed himself but we had to teach him how to not stuff his mouth and monitor him closely. I knew something was not right with him and I addressed my concerns with his pediatrician. Especially the humming because I knew that other children his age did not do that. I had never seen nor heard any child do that before.

His pediatrician did not seem concerned about it and blew it off several times. I now know why because he is an older doctor and has very little knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder. I now know he lacked the awareness for I am sure when he got his PHD Autism was not a thing as much as it is now. Therefore, I do not fault him for lacking the knowledge about something he has no education about.

I begin to feel stressed and very concerned about my sons behavior and knowing that something was wrong with him. Whenever we went to the store and he could not get his way he would fall out on the floor crying, kicking and screaming to the top of his lungs. My God what a stressful time that was for me.

I remember one time at the park he was having a tantrum then he took off running across the grass toward the street. I was running after him but he was too ahead of me. I saw a car coming down the street who slowed down and stopped. Before he reached the street someone walking by grabbed him.

Before you start to judge any mother that has a child with any disorder or disease knows how overwhelmingly stressful it is. Sometimes you are mentally and physically drained although you do not verbally say it. You know your child depends on you and you have to keep going and keep trying.

I remember continuing to say God knew I would love my son no matter what was wrong with him. I knew he is a gift from God and although I did not fully understand what was wrong with him we did not treat him differently. We did not neglect his needs or his wants we attended to everything he needed.

I am the type of personal I do not show my emotions or speak about them. You would really have to know me and be paying attention to know when I am stressed or overwhelmed. I kept it to myself and continued to keep going because my son needed me.

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