Mentally Exhausted: A Mother's Truth

My post will express the mental and emotional effects I experienced as well as my son while he battled Autism Spectrum Disorder and Diabetes type 1.

A Mother's Love

Welcome to my blog post. Daily I will blog about my sons healing journey from the time of his diagnosed to current. I will be sharing personal details such as the emotions, feelings, stress, worries and fears I experienced during this time. I will start from the beginning of his journey all the way to current date. My son drastically lost weight and go extremely sick this year and that is when he was diagnosed with diabetes type 1.

The purpose of my blog post is to share my sons healing journey but to also bring encouragement to those who may also be experiencing a similar journey with their child.

I will also share details about my current book My Faith is Stronger Than My Fears, and upcoming events about my second book release and book signings. Feel free to like, comment and share.

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