A New Beginning

The introduction to therapy

Once my son turned 3 years old he was no longer eligible to receive services with ECI Early Childhood Development. He was now ready to begin his journey with ABA, Speech and Occupational therapy at a center but only health insurance covered this. This type of private centers do not accept Medicaid you have to have health insurance coverage. I call it real insurance coverage. No offensive to those who have Medicaid but because it is "governement funded" they put limits on it that is not beneficial for children with learning disabilities and that is not right.

Prior to him enrolling I attempted to enroll him into public school but it was very clear and I did not feel comfortable that they had the services, training and therapist to help my son. Therefore, I declined that service and went with the recommendations from the psychologist and neurologist.

His father and I wanted to ensure our son was receiving the best care available to him. Thank God we had good health insurance so we were able to enroll him. When he begin therapy it was not an easy transition for him. He would do a lot of crying and running away from the therapist. He did a lot of falling on the floor which they would use terms like eloping or flopping, or maladaptive behaviors. However, after about a 1 and half we begin to see major changes in Shawn. He was improving he begin to start talking a lot more, less crying, even less aggressive behaviors.

However, we were still working with him on eating he would eat but was very picky on the texture, look and smell. He also would stuff his mouth and choke so we had to monitor him. During this time I had to take FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) due to the reduced hours I had to take to ensure care for my son. My son would attend therapy from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Thursday and Friday the center only opened at 12:00 noon which means I had to make a decision about work and care for him so I filed FMLA.

I would have to take my son to a drop in daycare that charged by the hour $25. I would drop him off at 7:00 am and then be at work at 8:00 am. Thank God all three places were close to each other. The therapy place and drop in daycare was literally down the street from one another. My job was about 15 minutes away. I would leave work before 12:00 pm to pick him up from the drop in day care and bring him to therapy school by 12:30 than return to work. His dad would pick up him at 5:30 pm on those days. Than I would stay to make up those hours so my paycheck would not be short. I did this for one year straight and it was not easy but I was so focused and committed to getting my son the treatment he needed that I was willing to make the sacrifice.

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