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A Mother's Sacrifice

From 2014 to 2018 I sacrificed my finances, job, career to ensure my son received the treatment he needed.

As a parent you never want anything to be mentally or physically wrong with your child. But when it happens to you what lengths are you willing to go through? What are you willing to loose? What are you willing to experience? What are you willing to sacrifice to make sure your child has a chance at a normal life?

Besides I had heard horror stories of parents who was too embarrassed and never got their child treatment so they sent him to public school. Due to the school not having the required therapist needed for children on the Spectrum it was a total disaster for that child. He threw a chair out of the window and was very aggressive. I can only imagine what that child was going through children in my day was mean and bullies so you can only image what the children now days are to those who are not like them.

I believed that as his mother and biggest advocate I would go through any lengths and sacrifices to make sure my son received the care that was going to help him. See I believed this was the answer for my son. That if I focused on him receiving ABA therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational therapy my son will improve and have a better chance at a normal life.

Of course you would think this because it is what the doctor recommended. My son thank God never needed to take medication besides that was not an option for me. I learned in taking psych classes that medication is a temporary solution that suppresses the symptoms but does not address the problem. It has more of a negative effect on the children socially than anything. Why? Because it is not fixing, or improving the problem which is the root cause. You want to treat the root cause and improve that until it is no longer a problem not put a Band-Aid over it.

I did not want my son growing up not knowing how to be independent or not learning the things that he should learn so I made sure I got him what he needed. I was already working in the corporate world and had been there since 2011. The benefits was good and so was the pay although I literally crawled from the bottom to the highest position in the department for associates that was not a management role. Due to my sons schedule I had to file for Family Medical Leave Act and this is where things begin to get real complicated.

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