There is Hope After All

Autism Spectrum disorder and treatment therapy.

My Son Shawn 2016

By the time my son turned two years old his pediatrician finally referred him get a psychological evaluation and ECI since he was not speaking more than fifty words. I was so excited that finally I was about to start getting some answers and hopefully some help. He sent a referral to U.T Southwestern Center of Autism. There was a nine month waiting list thank God it did not take long to get an appointment.

When we arrived the process took about 4 hours for them to evaluate how he interacted in different situations. The testing consisted of play therapy where they would use play as a way to identify his strengths and weakness. I thought is was fascinating because it keeps the children engaged while testing and evaluation is being completed.

During the testing I had to wait in another room so my son would not be distracted. I was asked a bunch of questions like how old was he when he begin to crawl, walk, stand etc. I was not nervous because the therapist where so friendly and informative. I could tell they really loved doing their jobs because of their kindness to me and my son.

After the four hours they were able to determined his diagnosed. My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with speech impairment and aggressive behavior. They also included treatment plan which consist of ABA, Speech and Occupational therapy. Then I was referred to a neurologist to confirm the diagnosis. We left there and I felt good that I finally got answers and all hope is not lost. There is a chance my son can learn, he can improve he can get better. This pushed me into the mode of getting my son therapy at all cost.

Now that I knew there is something that can be done I was determined to make sure he was going to get the best therapy available. I scheduled an appointment with Texas Child Neurologist and their process was different. My son had to get a CT scan on his brain and also lumbar test where he gets stuck in his back. I do not remember the name of that test but I do know those was some stressful and worried situations.

The doctor was extremely nice and very informative who did not automatically say he needs medicine. His father and I are totally against medicine for it treats the symptom's and often times put them in a zombie like state. It does not improve his condition nor treat it. We knew therapy was the best option for him. The doctor was able to confirm the diagnosis that my son had Autism.

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